Mar 152017
Over 270 famous pornstars featured in over 1970 brand-new never seen before porn videos all listed on one single network

Actually the exact number is 249, it’s just that some on the producers are also those Live Pornstars, mostly those famous porn models that have had enoughon being featured in porn videos and have decided to step on the other side and starts to produce, however some of them actually do step in and take […]

Sep 302016
Our blog has been around now 5 years!

First of all I would like to apologize for not being present on this blog and not posting anything within the past two months, but it has been a very critical two months for myself as an editor involved in the adult entertainment business and therefore I truly do hope I am excused. What we […]

Mar 162016
Quality porn websites there are not many around

You have to consider that there are officially 1.8 million pornographic websites on the Internet today that received at least 5000 daily unique visitors therefore they are very active, most of them offer Pornstars porn videos and at least two dozen of these specific websites are incredibly popular and get millions of visits every day. […]

Nov 252015
By far one of the hottest pornstars in the adult biz

This is definitely art, it looked like she was created out of marble, she looks like one of those Michelangelo sculptures, she is incredibly sexy and who we are talking about is the girl in the photograph and she is Pornstar Aaliyah Love, by far one of the most attractive pornstars in the adult entertainment […]

Jun 222015
College porn is the fucking bomb

This blog has already been around for seven years, in the past three we have been reviewing websites, posting articles about new things that are happening on the World Wide Web, and here is one right for you, if you have ever had the urge to Fuck MILFs but you are married, you have a […]

May 062015
Websites that offer something pretty cool

How many times have you visited a MILF local dating website only to find out that what they were offering was absolutely nothing, there are dozens of these websites out there on the Internet today, and there is only one from what I have seen with my own eyes, and trust me I have visited […]

Feb 072015
Once again let's talk about adult WebCam networks

This time around I have chosen three different websites or networks, I really don’t care what you call them, all I know that they are all three very different one between the other but are extremely high quality without doubt. The first is called CherrySpot and it offers famous adult models in solo and masturbation […]