Mar 082011

Ai Kurosawa is absolutely beautiful, stunning even. Her innocent looks might be a traditional Japanese culture thing though, because there are plenty of, shall we say, less-than innocent images of this young and sexy woman showing plenty more than usually expected.

After entering the Adult Video world and beginning her highly successful career with the Alice Japan studio, she actually retired in 2006 to focus on her dancing career. But I guess she couldn’t stay away because she made a remarkable comeback in 2007! And we’re so glad she did too.

Since that comeback, she has been seemingly more popular than ever, appearing in some of the most successful adult Asian movies of the 2000’s. Although the release of a new Ai Kurosawa movie is more seldom than it used to be, men are still falling over themselves to get hold of them, and we can certainly see why, can’t we?

Ai KurosawaAi KurosawaAi KurosawaAi KurosawaAi Kurosawa



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