Mar 242011

26 year old Olivia Hunt is a bit of a star in the alternative scene, famous for her outlandish and sexy outfits and her kick-ass attitude. This British girl is definitely sexy, with her smouldering beauty and her amazingly curvy body.

Appearing on cam for her fans at CamWithHer, she puts on a good show and aims to please, with her distinctive style and kinky persona.

And those outfits might seem a little strange or unusual, but they certainly do her body justice, showing off her fantastic breasts and her perfectly pert round butt too. I know you’d be scared if she approached you in a bar, but you’d still enjoy getting to know her wouldn’t you?

And she’s not only a little kinky in her dress sense. She’s also openly bisexual, enjoying the company of the ladies just as much as the men. Just how many fantasies can she fulfil!?

I’m not sure which of these images I prefer, I like them all. But this first one is definitely hot and a little more revealing. And yes, I’ll bet she is a little devil too!

You can see more of Olivia Hunt over at CamWithHer where she has a fan page too!


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