Apr 072011

Leila A is a really hot blue-eyed Russian babe with so much going on you’ll be addicted to her shoots.

This 19 year old is a student at the Academy of Tourism, and describes herself as cheerful and kind. I’m glad she’s kind enough to take some time out of her studying to show off her incredible body over at MetArt! And she really seems to enjoy it too.

This gorgeous babe has appeared in at least four excellent shoots so far, and I really hope she’ll continue, because she really is so hot to see. She has an amazing slim body with perfectly perky tits and a really delicious and fleshy pussy that begs for some attention.

For stats fans amongst you: 34/24/35, that’s pretty hot right?

She’s so gorgeous she really could be a professional model (I mean in the mainstream modelling world as well as adult), but I’m sure she enjoys this more than she would any other form of artistic interpretation. At least this way she gets to share her beauty rather than just be a clothes horse!

Although she looks really innocent and quite reserved, she clearly loves to show her curves for the camera, and the imagery is just perfect as far as I’m concerned.


Leila A




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