Apr 122011

Darcy Tyler is one of those really hot hardcore babes with the body and the sexual energy to guarantee a dedicated following of horny male fans.

The 29 year old blond has a great curvy figure and a fantastic pair of natural tits which make her an extremely popular girl. Appearing for numerous sites out there, she teams up with some of the hottest guys to put her through her paces and she puts on such a great show every time.

Known for being very down to earth and natural on camera, she really puts a lot of energy into her performances, showing that she really loves what she does. In interviews she appears very relaxed and somewhat modest, which many guys say makes her even more sexy to watch on screen.

And speaking of screen, I know a little something that many might not know… she loves horror movies! Finally a hot chick who you won’t have to please with romantic chick-flicks just to get your dick wet!

Of all the hot chicks out there that I love to see on film, Darcy Tyler has moved right up toward the top of my list. And I have a feeling she’ll be near the top of your list too when you see some of these hot pics I found.

Darcy TylerDarcy Tyler - TitsDarcy Tyler - Nice ButtDarcy Tyler - Revealing All

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