Apr 142011

I’ve got a double whammy for you in this update! I just saw this cute bisexual couple on CamWithHer and absolutely couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share them with you. These babes are totally off the chart when it comes to sexy teasing, and these stills from their cam show just how steamy these two are!

The 26 year old duo are Italian babes, and you know they say that Italian chicks are the hottest right? And I’m gonna have to say I agree with that suggestion after looking at their gallery.

You know these girls are very popular over on the site, and seeing them get so close on cam is a real treat that I don’t think any red-blooded male could resist.

It looks like they love to dress up, and they have that Italian sense of style, mixing it with a little bit of sleaze to just make it even hotter for their audience.

Don’t ask me who is Exquisite and who is Wanda, because I have no idea. Maybe you can ask them on cam and then let me know? In fact, I think I might head over now and see if they’re around to answer that question for me… 🙂

Bisexual Duo Exquisite And Wanda  Exquisite Wanda Get FriendlyBisexual Cam Girls Exquisite and WandaBisexual Cam Girls Playing

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