Apr 262011

I would like to tell you everything I know about this incredibly stunning babe, JulieMarie Geyskens. Unfortunately, there isn’t much I do know about her.

Running a few searches reveals that a lot of others are eager to know more about this sexy young underwear model too. And there’s even a suggestion that she’s actually someone else!

I’ve thought about changing my name before. I’m sure everyone has. But according to at least one site, this sexy chick isn’t just Julie-Marie Geyskens, she’s also known as Loryn van Wyk. And it certainly does seem to be her!

And if that’s the case I can tell you that she is an immensely popular young woman with quite an immense history of work behind her for numerous big names in both the magazine and clothing markets. I can see why though, she has a very versatile look and can appear as a teenager, then as a woman in her 30’s. And it all seems to depend on the clothing and hair!

Why can’t us guys get away with such deception? lol

Enjoy these great pics of this very sexy young lady, whoever she is. Don’t you just love a bit of mystery? lol

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