Apr 282011

Some girls know how to pick just the perfect name for themselves when they start out appearing on cam, and Femme has done a wonderful job in finding a name that epitomizes her in one simple word.

This babe from CamWithHer is an awesome specimen of Feminine beauty, with gorgeous looks, an incredibly sexy body, great tits and a winning personality to go with that whole package. She’s seductive and teasing, playful and sexy; everything you want in a girl!

And yes, before you ask, she is bisexual. I know what you’re thinking. So many of the girls on cam are bisexual. But you know how it is, how can these girls say no to each other when they are so stunning?

This 23 year old describes herself as a gogo dancer at heart, so you know she’s all about putting on a great show for an eager audience. And that must make her a very popular young lady over on the site.

Do you need anything else to make you curious about checking her out on cam? Okay, how about this… she was a gymnast. And she says she retains some of that flexibility to this day. Why she would need to tell us that is unknown, but I have a few ideas!

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