May 032011

I was having a conversation with my flatmate this morning and wondering who I should share with you all today, and he immediately hijacked my computer and followed the bookmarks to MetArt, finding Eva J. It turns out he’s a member there and she is one of his favorite girls there.

So after stealing back control of my computer before he hauled his bone out and got busy, I quickly downloaded some of these images for you guys.

She really is a sexy chick, and I can certainly see why my buddy likes her so much. This 23 year old blond bombshell is from Russia, and in her profile there she really shows how girly she is. Her favorite things include parties, stuffed animals (teddy bears, not taxidermy!) and presents.

She has some great images over at the site, sexy pics that really show off her slim curves and sexy natural tits. She describes herself as being a little modest, but sometimes spontaneous. I think these pics of her showing off her perfect butt and that sexy shaved pussy really don’t show her modesty all that much!

Perhaps she was having a spontaneous moment, feeling daring and brave. But I’m certainly glad she got in front of the lens for photographer Antonio Clemens, he does a great job of showing off all her perfect assets so well! You can check out more of Eva over at MetArt, and I’ll thank my flatmate for you. 🙂

Beautiful Blond EvaEvaEva - InvitingEva - Slim and SexySexy Blond EvaSexy Young Blond EvaSmooth and Silky Blond Eva

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