May 052011

Lucy Becker, the UK Glamor Girl with the massive following, makes going to the library more appealing in this shoot. I’ve always been one for a good book, preferably something hot and horny, and I think I might go to the library more often if Lucy was there!

This London based babe has only been on the glamor modeling scene since 2004. But in that time she’s made major waves by appearing in Playboy and being voted Pin-Up of the Year in 2005 by Loaded magazine. What a way to start your career huh?

But not only has she made a success of her modeling, she’s also appeared in UK soap Hollyoaks – famed for its more “risky” and youthful story lines, and appeared in a series of ads for WhatMobile.

After only three years she took a break while she had twins, but her return has been quite remarkable after that, going right back into modeling in both the UK and USA.

She does have a great body, and a fantastic pair of 30F boobs that she likes to call her “front air bags”. It’s definitely good to think of safety in that sense. We certainly appreciate her efforts to protect herself from impacts… like walking into windows. 🙂

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  1. Biting my tongue.. Just sexy as hell, and amazingly delicious. I want one…

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