May 242011

I was cruising through the pages of an old copy of FHM magazine with one of my buddies last night when I stumbled across this gorgeous babe. It seems she has a massive fan base, and been voted as the sexiest woman too, beating 99 other hot babes to that number one spot in the hearts of their readers.

My buddy definitely agreed and proceeded to show me a collection of hot topless images on the Internet, and one that he swears he’s jerked off to countless times. Can you guess which one below is his favorite?

She really is smokin’ hot, with a great innocent face and a beautiful slim body. My buddy loves her tits, and her ass. Which is understandable. They’re not massive, and they’re not over-the-top, they’re just perfect enough to grab and play with.

She’s probably most famous for modeling for Victoria’s Secret, but is also about to appear on screen too, starting out her acting career with the release of Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Replacing the popular Megan Fox, this acting debut could certainly be a breakthrough for the stunner.

And if some of the stills I’ve seen are genuine, my buddy will likely face the confusion of beating off while watching an action movie. lol

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