Jun 162011

Years ago, I used to work on the door at a club in the city. It was a pretty interesting job, and some of the girls were just so gorgeous and yet so embarrassingly drunk, I was never surprised when they didn’t leave with a guy. But there was this one babe who was a real lady, sexy, stunning, revealing just enough, and always maintaining her classy style. She used to chat me up (I was engaged at the time) and would show me all the numbers she’d gathered that night. And yet I only ever saw her leave the place with a guy once. And he was a barman.

Emma Frain reminds me of her. They really could be sisters.

Of course, now I regret never keeping in touch with the girl, and looking at these images of Emma I’m totally thinking of finding the babe on facebook.

Sexy, slim and incredibly busty Emma is a UK Glamor girl, regularly appearing in all the lads mags, usually in a top ten list of one kind or another. And we can totally get that can’t we guys? She’s a real stunner. I love a girl with nice tits (of course!) and hers are definitely nice!

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