Jun 282011

Comfortable shoes abound at the opening of the new Playboy Club in London as the feminist protesters took to the streets in an effort to expose the Playboy venue as demeaning to women.

Hugh Hefner – Master of all things Bunny-related – arrived at Heathrow with a collection of his stunning friends in the first publicity shoot for the new venue, echoing the now classic black and white shots of the 60’s and 70’s.

The original club closed in 1981 when their gambling license renewal was not approved (boo, hiss), but with our modern take on gambling and our general acceptance of things “adult related” Hugh is back in town, in the upper-class realm of Mayfair no less!

Ignoring the calls from the feminists who claim that women earning money the way they want is somehow threatening to them as individuals, the new club opened with fanfare, aiming to reclaim the image they once had as being an exclusive playground of the rich and famous, with the added edge of being open to the average man on the street too! With a barbershop, a casino, cocktail lounge and restaurant, the new Playboy venue could just become one of the highlights on any tour of London night life, or it could go down in history as the folly of an 85 year old man with too much money and not enough business sense. Who knows what the future holds for the new Playboy club in London, but one thing is for certain – it will likely produce headlines and stories of celebrity excess for the entirety of its existence.

Personally, I welcome it. Lovely girls, good food, a nice drink and a flutter at the tables, what could be better on a night out in London?

Only a few pics, because they’re so hard to come by. But enjoy the bunnies!

Playboy Bunnies in London Bunny Girls in London Bunny Girls Hugh Hefner and a collection of his ladies Bunnies of the 60's and 70's

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