Jul 142011

I love it when I find a girl who reminds me of a chick I know. Scarlett Hart definitely looks like a friend of mine, well, I say she’s a friend, but she’s more of an acquaintance. She’s actually a fully dedicated lesbian, and yes, it drives all the guys wild! She’s a real stunner, just likeĀ Scarlett Hart, so you can imagine that the thought of her getting it on with her girlfriend (who is just as hot as she is) makes all the guys drool. lol

But Scarlett is actually bisexual, so she gets the best of both worlds!

The sexy babe with the sporty bod from the USA is a model too, obviously. But she also loves to dance and strip on cam, using her pole to swing and put on a great show. She mentions using toys and going topless in her shows, so I guess most of you have now stopped reading this and are clicking through to check her out? Anyone still here? lol

Check out this great mix of cam stills and pro shots, then feel free to click through and check out her cam girl profile for a little more.

Topless babe on cam - Scarlett Hart Scarlett Hart on cam Scarlett Hart all tied up Scarlett Hart

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