Jul 282011

Stunning cam babe Layla Lynn has been featured here a couple of time in the past. The last time we showed her off to you guys I presented some of her hot cam stills from her appearances, and I know the sight of this gorgeous babe and her big titties had you dribbling as much as she had me ready and willing!

So I was checking out the site again today and thought I’d check the galleries to see if she’d been in any photo shoots for the lads. And you know what? She has! More than once in fact.

I thought I’d share some of the pics with you, just to get your juices flowing. For those who need a little reminder, Layla Lynn is one of the girls over on Cam With Her, stripping off and putting on a show for her fans. The bisexual 27 year old is pretty daring in her shows too, suggesting that she loves to play with toys and dance for the guys. But she takes requests, so if you’d rather see her washing her hair I’m sure that could be arranged (yeah, as if you’d rather see that!)

Check out her cam profile, and if you get the chance head into the galleries and see her full shoots, this is just a teaser to get you throbbing 🙂

Hey, works for me!

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