Aug 302011

So a while ago I offered you some really hot pics of busty stunner Layla Lynn teasing in her bikini over on Cam With Her. And I had to go back and check out some more of this gorgeous babe. I love the way she looks, and I love a chick who can dress up too.

So for this shoot the stunner is showing off her body in some smokin’ hot pics, wearing her sexy firefighter outfit. Now, I don’t get what girls see in men wearing all that gear, but at least when chicks do the fantasy thing they do it properly and show plenty of flesh! Not that I’ve been looking and comparing, of course.

For this shoot she’s back dousing the flames and trying to put out the fire in your pants, although I’m not sure that garden hose will quite do it!

I’ve been a little naughty and teasing with these shots, holding back some hot nipple action, so if you want to see that you’ll have to head over and check out her galleries in the Photos section of the site. Yeah, I’m mean, but I swear you’ll enjoy it. 🙂

And don’t forget to check out her cam girl profile page too, and her free galleries, there’s a lot to see. She is officially now one of my favorite cam babes!

Layla Lynn Layla Lynn Layla Lynn Layla Lynn Layla Lynn Layla Lynn

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