Sep 012011

I love a chick with some moral opinions and a little attitude to go with her great body, and Keeley Hazell is one of those chicks that really kicks some ass!

This gorgeous stunner started off her career by winning the a Page 3 Idol contest in the UK in 2004. You know we have stunners showing off their tits in the tabloid press right? Well, Keely was a real winner, and since then she’s gone on to do a whole lot more. She regularly makes the top ten lists in so many mags and on line too, but it’s not really so surprising when you see some of the pics of this gorgeous girl below.

In 2008 her awesome calendar topped Amazon’s best-seller list, so you know she’s probably still plastered all over the walls of student bedrooms, maintenance departments and garages all over the world 😉

So, what’s this about moral opinions? She’s posed naked for PETA in their fight against the fur trade. Call me a pussy if you like, I don’t care, I love a chick who can get her kit off for a cause like that, and she definitely has my support!

Check out the pics, drool and dribble if you feel you need to, just remember to protect that keyboard! lol

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