Sep 062011

Okay, so I love to spend my time trawling my favorite places on the net and offering you some of the hottest young babes I can find out there. One of my favorite places to hang out is the Met Art site, because they always manage to find some of the most stunning babes from Eastern Europe and present them in some really hot and horny images.

Janice A is a prime example of some of the really sexy girls you can find in Russia. With her blond hair, blue eyes, perfectly pert tits, trimmed pussy and hot butt, she really is a sight to behold.

I know you can probably tell from these pics, but she says in her profile on the site that she loves to share her body with the guys out there and be admired. Well, I think it’s safe to say that the guys out there love to admire her. She’s a really popular girl on the site, and she’s already appeared in at least five hot photo shoots, revealing all for the cameras.

Be aware though, she’s looking for the perfect man. So while you might be a really hot guy she might pay attention to on the beach when she’s out surfing, she’s ideally looking for someone with a whole lot more; a yacht, money and intelligence too. I guess a muscle boy like you might at least get a good time though 😉

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  1. is beutiful

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