Sep 132011

Last week I met this really hot chick in a bar in the city. I don’t actually do that very often, because you know the babes out there might be hot, but they’ve usually drank more than you and probably had their tongue down some other guys throat before they met you at the bar. Am I right?

So I don’t really get into the whole club scene.

But on a night out recently I bumped into a friend of a friend, was introduced, and met this gorgeous stunner called Shelly. Right then I knew she looked like Imogen Thomas, everything about her was stunning. And she was really sexy and sweet too, not like all those drunken chicks.

Yeah, we swapped numbers, and in another couple of days I’ll give her a call and see if we can hook up. In the meantime I’ve been out there looking at some of the really hot pics of the real Imogen Thomas and collected some to show you guys.

Imogen is a former Miss Wales (okay, I love the accent, I know I’m strange!) but became really popular when she appeared in the UK Big Brother house in 2006. Since then he ample titties, gorgeous face and slim waist have combined to make her a really hot glamor model, regularly appearing in the lads mags and papers like the Daily Star.

Enjoy these pics, and if I get a date with my own Imogen I’ll let you know how that goes! 😉

Imogen Thomas Imogen Thomas Imogen Thomas Imogen Thomas Imogen Thomas Imogen Thomas Imogen Thomas Imogen Thomas Imogen Thomas

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