Sep 152011

You might not be too surprised to see that one of our favorite sites – Met Art – has won the X – Biz Award. Checking out these images and knowing that this is the kind of standard they maintain for their shoots it’s not really so surprising is it? They are truly awesome at shooting some really sexy babes like Kari A here, showing off her perfect butt, those gorgeous tits and that shaved pussy so perfectly!

This stunner is a new one to our blog here, but I love her shoot and I thought you guys might want to see just a little of what she has to offer. She looks pretty young, but her body is definitely all woman with some really sexy curves. I normally don’t like the totally shaved look, but when it comes to a hot chick like Kari A I totally don’t mind.

Enjoy these really hot and sexy pics from one of her recent shoots, and head over to Met Art for more from this gorgeous babe, including some more pics in this set too. I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed in the rest of her appearance 😉

Kari A Kari A Kari A Kari A Kari A Kari A Kari A Kari A

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