Sep 202011

About five years ago I knew this really stunning girl, and we hooked up a few times, and even went on a few trips together. I was going through this surfing phase and she was totally into it. If you can imagine one of those really cool surfing dudes you’d find on all the best beaches in the summer, she was like the female equivalent. She was always partying, didn’t give a damn if her hair was in a mess, didn’t really wear make-up, had no attitude at all. She was just real fun to be around, and so freakin’ energetic!

She was a real stunner too, and man was she good in bed!

But I’m gonna admit it here, I couldn’t keep up with her! We still hook up every few months when we’re in the same place long enough, and we always have a hot time together, but anything more than that and I think she’d find out just how old I am 🙂

19 year old TierraLee seems to be one of those chicks, always looking for adventure and totally into the adrenaline and action. Check out her cam girl profile and you’ll see what I mean. Unlike my gorgeous friend, TierraLee loves to make the most of her natural looks and be in front of the camera too, whether she’s putting on a hot cam show or modeling. I know there aren’t very many pics here, but they’re good!

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