Sep 222011

I might have just called her the girl next door, but Kara Tointon is the girl next door you’d get a boner for every time you saw her! She has to be one of the hottest and most “unassuming” babes to come out of the UK for a while. Her sexy attitude and gorgeous looks could kind of sneak up on you, while her personality and intelligence might catch you off-guard. There’s no doubt that she is gorgeous, and pretty smart too.

Is a clever chick sexy? Yeah, definitely.

Although the typical Essex girl stereotype might have been what she was working with in her role as Dawn Swann in Eastenders, the reality is that she’s eloquent, sexy and classy too. And I guess that’s why she was voted number 66 in FHM’s most sexiest women in 2010.

Since leaving Eastenders, she’s appeared in several roles and series, including being the subject of a very notable documentary studying the effects of – and potential solutions to – Dyslexia, something that she has struggled with all her life.

Although I know a lot of guys out there are hoping that she might one day reveal all in front of the cameras, it seems that she’s resisted the urge so far. But check out the pics below to see some pretty hot and sexy images of the stunner, non-nude, but definitely worth appreciating!

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