Oct 062011

Sultry and seductive Julia H is one of those girls that every guy would kill to be with after staring in this GF Porn video. The sexy chick has an awesome body and a great pair of tits and are even better seen in this College Porn video we have, and in these pics she shows all that and a whole lot more besides. Photographed by the talented Pasha over on Met Art, she really gets into the shoot, with a great collection of pics being the final result. Now, you can blame me for teasing you all if you like, but I’m just gonna share a few of the pics from this hot shoot because I think you should head over to the site and see the rest for yourself. Yeah, I’m an asshole like that lol. I found some of her nasty pics on this Porn Tube and most of her videos are in HD Porn anc can be found here.

But I will tell you a little more about this stunning chick…

She may look as though she’s only in her early 20’s but she’s actually 30 years of age. And this gorgeous babe from the Ukraine calls herself a romantic, and that she’s still single! How the hell can a gorgeous babe like this be single? Maybe those Ukrainian men don’t know how to do romance?

I think I speak for all of you guys here when I say there are plenty of men who would kill for a date with this girl. Please form an orderly line! lol

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