Oct 202011

Okay guys, I had this experience this morning that was almost religious! I go out for a run in the mornings, when I can be bothered and the weather isn’t too crap. Normally it’s too early for there to be many people out there, but today I was a little late and didn’t get out until 7. But I’ll be heading out that early again tomorrow!

I was running up to the bridge near my place when this really hot chick appeared at the top. She was so hot I almost stopped right there. She was only in her mid-twenties, and she had these hot trackie bottoms on and a really sexy vest top. She was really slim, blond, with a big pair of tits.

As she jogged down the steps her big titties bounced up and down and it was almost like watching a slo-mo film! lol

Yeah, she smiled at me when she passed, and my dick smiled back 😉

So today I’ve been wasting far too much time checking out some of the hot boob videos on youtube (and some harder vids on other sites too, I have to admit) and when I watched this one I had to share it with you guys. So here you go, a hot young chick with a great rack, bouncing around just like the babe I saw this morning.

I’m actually looking forward to my run tomorrow!

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