Oct 252011

I love the top lists that some sites and magazines put together. I think all the men’s magazines and sites do it don’t they? I was checking out the latest one from Ask Men, which has a huge readership, and they’ve had their top 99 Most Desirable Women poll for 2011, with some surprising results!

Blake Lively made the top of the list at number one, after being number 85 last year! That’s a pretty impressive jump for this sexy blond, but it kind of makes sense since her leap into the limelight of the movie world. You probably know that she started out in Gossip Girl, but since then she’s made the transformation to movie starlet, with her role in the forthcoming Green Lantern opposite Ryan Reynolds being tipped to be another leap for her.

I don’t really care what brought her to us, I just care that she’s gorgeous, and that she has a great slim bod with curves in all the right places. So although she might not have done one of those Playboy shots yet, heres hoping she makes that move. I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing a little more of this chick, preferably in the buff!

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