Nov 172011

okay, I know you guys love the international girls as much as I do. No, I don’t mean the European chicks who don’t shave anything (oh jeez, I’ve seen some truly horrific sights!) but I mean those gorgeous babes like Aida Yespica, you know, the kind of chick that knows how to make the most of her stunning looks.

This chick is simply freakin’ awesome.

While I know a lot of you are probably gonna go straight to the pics, a few of you might have read this far and actually want to know a little more about this babe. So here goes…

Aida Yespica is a Venezuelan beauty who kicked off her career in the national Beauty Queen Pageant back in 2002, and although she didn’t claim the top spot and win (which I think she should have) since then she’s just become more and more popular. After relocating to Milan she really took off with the Spanish and Italian audiences, becoming a well-known fashion model and TV personality.

She’s appeared in several reality TV shows – like the Spanish version of Survivor (not to be confused with the classic apocalypse TV drama!) and graced the pages of magazines like Maxim and GQ.

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