Dec 082011

I have to admit that I’m a little behind when it comes to the stunning hottie that is Kelly Brook. You know we all have those chicks in our heads after we see them in an ad or on the TV, but we never really do anything to find out who they are? She’s one of those for me. Yeah, I know I need to pay more attention!

I’ve seen this babe a few times and never knew who she was, but after I asked a buddy today about some of his sexiest babes he mentioned her and when I did a little digging I knew I recognized her straight away.

She’s another British babe, a model and actress, and her impressive 36DD tits have gained her a lot of male admirers – and dare I say jealous girls too.

Far from being just another Brit chick, she’s made a lot of fans in the US too, with appearances in TV shows such as Smallville and the movie Piranha 3D. I guess that move over to the USA is also the reason why she’s been associated with some pretty big male celebs too, including Billy Zane and action man (and fellow Brit) Jason Statham.

Yeah, it’s fair to say that now I know who this babe is I’ll be paying a lot more attention!

Kelly Brook 7

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