Jan 032012

I introduced another one of my horny buddies to the MetArt site today, and I think he likes it! He’s married, but after only a year sex has pretty much dried up for the dude. I don’t know how guys do it, but I hear about that kinda shit going on all the time! It’s not like the dude has let himself go or anything, he goes to the gym every couple of days, eats healthy, can outrun me on our occasional jogs.

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It’s just another thing that tells me I’m never gonna fall into that trap. I’m gonna stay single and keep enjoying my sex life. There’s too much pussy in the world to be tied down like that and end up with nothing lol

All it took for my buddy was this hot set of Niza A and he was demanding some alone time with the pics. I think I’m gonna need to teach him the art of covering his tracks though, because his Mrs. is all about the snooping. Funny how that works isn’t it? They stop giving you sex, as at the same time they start getting suspicious. I think their subconscious is telling them something that they don’t want to listen to! 😉

Anyway, enjoy these pics of the juicy Niza, and you can see more over on MetArt of course.

Niza A - Hot Babe Naked

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very tempting view

nude girl showing everything at MetArt

showing shaved pussy at MetArt

hot naked chick Niza showing off at Met Art

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