Jan 122012

I was playing this really lame game with one of my buds this week where we have to choose our hottest babe from various countries, and if we can’t think of one we have to guzzle some drink or complete a dare. Yeah, that’s how we waste our time in the bar when there’s no chicks to check out and it’s a total sausage fest! lol

So, when we got to Canada, I immediately thought of Jennah Anderson. Come on, you know her, right?

The blond stunner has the most awesome body, and her tits are just perfect! I didn’t think I’d ever see her really being overtly sexy, until I saw a black and white video of the girl totally butt naked and teasing the camera. I’ve embedded it at the bottom of the pics so you can check it out too.

I remember seeing some shots of her in some underwear last year and I was drooling so bad, but this collection of pics and the video is enough to *almost* make me blow lol

Check out her site too for some more pics, and the video. You might want to bookmark that and head back there some time to see if she adds anything else (yeah, it’s in my list too!)

Jennah Anderson from Mediatropics on Vimeo.

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