Mar 132012

Okay boys, we’ve had some of this sexy naked Russian babe before on the blog, but when I saw this shoot with Mila I there was not a moment of doubt in my mind that I had to get these pics from Met Art on here for you guys. I know, a lot of you will be looking at this post and getting hard, and that’s fine, that’s what it’s all about. Just make sure you point that thing somewhere safe. I speak from experience when I say that cum and electrical equipment do not mix well! 😉

So, I think you can tell when a chick really enjoys showing her pussy off for the camera, and from the real sexy look on this girls face I think it’s pretty obvious that she loves to show off for the guys out there.

She really has that look in her eye, like she’s just waiting for someone to come and give her a few inches – I have more than a few I could give her!

Lucky Tony Murano is the guy taking these pics of this stunner, and I always have to wonder just how lucky they are. Would you be able to do his job and not be completely distracted by your cock all the way through demanding some attention? lol

Check out these pics of this naked Russian babe and make sure you head over to Met Art to see some more, there’s more than one gallery of Mila!

Naked Russian Babe Mila I (1)

Naked Russian Babe Mila I (2)

Naked Russian Babe Mila I (3)

Naked Russian Babe Mila I (4)

Naked Russian Babe Mila I (5)

Naked Russian Babe Mila I (6)

Naked Russian Babe Mila I (7)

Naked Russian Babe Mila I (8)

  4 Responses to “Naked Russian Babe Mila I”

  1. wow such beautiful eyes such a beautiful Princess wow whoever her parents are must be so proud in alot of ways but what i dont get is why with such beauty would she do this i guess i gotz alot of learning to do on why ladies would do so much to themselves and for what reason i guess it could be becuz maybe shes tried to have a relationship which maybe turned out to be used i hate it when that happens wise once always wise but to me it gets in the way of haveing a future and love and a life lol 🙂 o well maybe this is true maybe not 🙂
    i will not give up yet i have to keep moveing lol 🙂 but she defintly has style with the hair and everything congrats 🙂

  2. I don’t think it’s a bad thing Dustin, it’s just another way of expressing herself I suppose. I think it’s strange that no one thinks it’s degrading or some kind of weakness when a guy is stripping or appearing in porn. When guys do it it’s just business, and not really discussed. But when women work in adult media they’re “damaged” in some way or a “victim” of something? It’s bullshit in my opinion.
    Some girls enjoy it, some do it because they can earn good money and build a career. They do it for the same reasons men do.

  3. your right maybe ive fought for thing in my life that i really dont know about shes very beautiful though and she is amazeing she must love what she does too

  4. No russia, she is Ukrainian girl.

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