Apr 102012

I know a few of you are gonna be wondering how to pronounce her name, but forget about that because once you see hot smokin’ hot body and that
sexy shaved pussy you’ll have completely forgotten her name anyway!

This is Ksu, and she’s a dancer in one of the clubs in Kiev. If you’ve been to Kiev you’ll know what it’s like there, and some of the clubs are awesome if you get there at the right time in the evening…

She’s a real natural in front of the camera. But after reading her bio on the Met Art site I can understand why – she’s a little but of an exhibitionist, and she really enjoys having men watching her and appreciating her body.

I think it’s definitely fair to say that there are a lot of me appreciating her body in these pics, right? She has a great body, pert little tits and and a smooth pussy just begging for some attention!

These are some shots from one of the sets on the Met Art site, and there’s a second one of Ksu too, so you might want to head over there and check the rest out if you get the chance.

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