May 012012

You know how some of the most plain looking girls can often turn out to be real stunners when you take a second look? I have to admit that the first time I saw this shoot with Estelle K I didn’t think she was that hot. But after checking it out again I have to admit that I was totally wrong.

Sometimes those perfectly polished and fake chicks can be so boring and unoriginal, there’s nothing real about them with their fake hair, fake tits, fake nails and shaved smooth pussy. But sexy Estelle K is not one of those perfected and polished fake chicks – and I think that’s part of why she’s so sexy too!

20 year old Estelle K is a French chick who lives out in the country, on a farm. She’s not just sexy and sweet to look at, she’s studying law too! I don’t know about you, but I do like a chick who can hold a decent conversation on something more interesting than who is gonna win some crappy TV reality show lol

Anyway, enjoy these hot pics of the sexy Estelle K and head over to the Met Art site to see some more of her too. There’s another shoot she’s appeared in, and if you’re not totally distracted by all the other babes there you should totally check that one out too.

Estelle K At Met Art (1)

Estelle K At Met Art (2)

Estelle K At Met Art (3)

Estelle K At Met Art (4)

Estelle K At Met Art (5)

Estelle K At Met Art (6)

Estelle K At Met Art (7)

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