May 102012

I had to get some hot pics of naked babe Vanda B on the Fem Art Blog when I saw these pics in one of her galleries on the Met Art site. There’s a reason why I love this gallery so much, and that’s because she really reminds me of this chick I was banging in college!

I mean, she looks just like her. It brings back so many memories of us fucking in the car on the weekends because neither of us could get a place to ourselves. Even the fact that she has a leather jacket in these pics takes me back to listening to Nirvana while my dick was deep in her! lol

Vanda B has been in a lot of galleries on the site, so we know that she’s one really popular girl. But once you’ve had a look at this naked babe you’ll totally get why. She is gorgeous, and I know that a lot of you are now imagining what it would be like to fuck her.

This 21 year old Russian girl is currently studying to become an economist – not entirely sure that’s a wise move in this day and age! But I’m definitely glad she’s able to take the time out to share some really sexy pics like these! lol

Vanda B at Met Art (1)

Vanda B at Met Art (2)

Vanda B at Met Art (3)

Vanda B at Met Art (4)

Vanda B at Met Art (5)

Vanda B at Met Art (6)

Vanda B at Met Art (7)

Vanda B at Met Art (8)

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  1. Thamks pal for posting these sexy pics of beautiful model WB

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