Jun 052012

I had a couple of pics sent to me today from a buddy of mine who has a habit of collecting girls iPhone pics, and I have to confess that he’s really got me into the habit of collecting and sharing them too.

I know I’m definitely not alone in this, but I think I now spend more time using my phone for checking out hot chicks than I do actually calling anyone. It’s less of a communication device and more of a mobile porn storage system! lol

Not that I’m complaining of course, check out some of the sexy babes I have in my phone memory now, thanks to my buddy. A couple of these girls iPhone pics have had me heading to the mens room for some sneaky cock stroking on more than one occasion, and after sharing them with you I think I might have to get on Google and see if I can find some more to send back to my buddy too! lol

I can normally say when I have a favorite chick in a collection of pics like this, but I don’t. They’re all hot in my opinion. Enjoy them, and feel free to be a good buddy and send one or two to a friend in need of some inspiration too lol

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