Jun 142012

Oh man I do love my friends. I’m always getting emails and texts from a couple of my good buddies letting me know when they’ve found something really hot and they want to share it with me. And this is one of those instances where my buddy Dan had to let me know about a hot photo shoot starring the gorgeous cam girl Wanda over on the Cam With Her site.

We’ve had some great pics of this cam girl on the blog before, and I have to confess that she is a favorite of mine. I don’t always check in to look at the galleries on the site when I get there, so I’m really glad I was alerted to this set! lol

Wanda is one of those cam girls who always puts on a hot show, and you can see from these pics just how sexy she is in front of the cameras. She’s really showing off in these sexy stills too, giving the boys plenty to enjoy as she gets her tits out.

Now, I’m only sharing a few of these pics, because the gorgeous cam girl has to make a living, right? If you want more of her check out the Cam With Her site and view the archived videos and galleries, and get on cam with her too as soon as you get the chance! 😉

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