Jun 192012

I did a little test today after having a bit of a debate with one of my buddies about who the sexiest woman alive is. He still claims it’s Halle Berry and I have to admit that I was on the cusp of accepting that and moving on to most fuckable woman alive… lol

But I couldn’t decide on just one babe for me. There are too many really gorgeous women out there that I could call the sexiest woman, when I think I’ve decided I’m reminded of another gorgeous woman. I’m like Barney in that episode of How I Met Your Mother when he gives out his cell phone number and keeps hooking up with all those chicks. 😉

So, I decided to let Google decide it for me, and I did an image search on “sexiest woman alive”. The first result was Katrina Kaif.

So here you go guys, Katrina Kaif is the sexiest woman alive according to Google, and although I know I can’t absolutely agree with them and another babe will pop into my head in about thirty seconds, I can see why guys would choose here.

Damn, Google has good taste when it comes to hot babes! lol

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