Jul 032012

This post was formulating in my mind the moment I heard about the latest celebrity divorce. I think a lot of guys of my generation will be so glad to hear that the gorgeous babe Katie Holmes has finally seen the light and split from her slightly “wacko” husband!

I remember lusting after this gorgeous girl way back when my then girlfriend was a Dawsons Creek fan. I know I wasn’t alone, plenty of guys moaned about having to sit through that while their girl wept over the pathetic on-again-off-again relationship, all the while secretly getting horny over Katie lol

Now I’m a little bit older I still can’t say that I wouldn’t want to hook up with this gorgeous girl. She’s looking just as hot now as she did back then, and I suspect that it won’t be too long before she’s being pictured with a new guy.

Lets just hope that new guy isn’t as “religiously challenged” as her previous partner has been. In my opinion, the guy is an idiot for letting her get away, but then there is the suspicion that the lovely Katie was nothing more than a closet door for the guy.

Okay, that’s my celeb gossip bit over and done with, time to enjoy some pics of the stunning girl!

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