Jul 172012

So I guess a lot of us are gearing up and preparing for the Olympics, am I right? Watching of course, not participating lol

I know there is going to be a lot of viewers getting off on the gorgeous babes showing off and competing, and while a lot of guys might pretend it’s all about the sport, I think we can admit here in safety that some of those chicks are seriously hot, and if we had the chance we’d need some tissues along side us when watching it! lol

So it got me thinking about some of the hottest babes in sports, and I had to get a themed post on here for you guys to drool over and really enjoy. I eventually decided that I couldn’t pick just one gorgeous babe for the post, because there are quite a few stunning sportswomen who have stripped off for the cameras recently and dared to bare their butts and boobs for the fans.

If this isn’t a way to get American boys into sports I don’t know what is! If your teenage son is wasting his life playing video games and stuffing his face with cheesy chips, then perhaps showing him these gorgeous girls and their gym toned bodies might persuade him that physical exercise is actually a good thing! lol

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