Aug 032012

I’ve only mentioned the Met Art videos once or twice on the blog, and I recently shared with you guys some sexy stills from their video preview. But I thought I’d mention show some pics of the other recent videos they’ve added to the site and show you a little teaser of the action. These are some of the girls they’ve had appearing on video for the members in recent weeks and months, and I think they might give you a better idea of what they have on there.

One of my friends is really into the site as much as I am now. He’s one of those guys who isn’t into all the real hardcore fucking and kinky porn out there. I know that might seem strange, but he calls himself classy. lol

I personally love all of it, whether it’s classy and tasteful or not, but I have to admit that Met Art is one of those places that stands out from all the common hardcore porn sites and does things with a lot more style and subtlety.

I know, I’m worried I might be turning a little gay or something. When did I start caring if porn was classy? lol

Met Art Videos (1) Met Art Videos (2) Met Art Videos (3) Met Art Videos (4) Met Art Videos (5) Met Art Videos (6) Met Art Videos (7) Met Art Videos (8)

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