Aug 152012

How could I write a post on the Fem Art Blog and not mention some of the gorgeous babes appearing at the London Olympics? We had a great post not so long ago featuring some of the sexiest sportswomen but since the Olympics have been and gone I have a feeling a lot of guys have a few more names of babes they would love to add to their “list”. We all have that list right? The mental note of all the hot chicks you would definitely drop whoever you are with to get into bed with lol

I’m not gonna tell you who is on mine!

Needless to say some of these stunning girls are now on my list too. These are the chicks that make it all worth watching in my opinion. Sure it’s great to Bolt beating all the competition and winning yet again, but we cannot deny that a big part of the attraction is seeing all those beautiful babes in their skin-tight outfits and showing off their bods as they do what they do.

I’m not alone in thinking that some of the babes are pretty scary too though, right? Don’t get me wrong, they’re stunning to watch, but you just know they could kick your ass too! lol

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