Aug 302012

Sometimes I can look at a girl on the Met Art site and not know exactly what it is about her that really turns me on. I know a lot of guys go straight for the tits, or the ass, but for me there are times when I can see a babe like Lada C in these pics and not know what it is that does it for me.

However, when I saw these pics of her I knew immediately that it was those sexy titties that turn me on so much. Yeah, I’m a boob man, and I’m not afraid to admit it!

Check out the rack on this chick and tell me she’s not totally hot, and if you disagree with me I’ll call you a liar! lol

Ukrainian hottie Lada C is a little sporty and outdoorsy. According to her little bio over on the site she goes skiing once a year and travels around by bicycle. She’s also interested in landscape design. I know none of that interests you, but I can’t just talk about he hot titties and that shaved pussy for a whole post, I have to add some other stuff in there too…

Okay, yes it is all about those titties and that smooth pussy too, I admit it! 😉

 Ukraine Babe Lada C (1)

Ukraine Babe Lada C (2)

Ukraine Babe Lada C (3)

Ukraine Babe Lada C (4)

Ukraine Babe Lada C (5)

Ukraine Babe Lada C (6)

Ukraine Babe Lada C (7)

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  1. hella sexy

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