Feb 052013

I was trying to think of something really hot, funny or really interesting to call this post featuring the gorgeous babe Miranda Kerr, and then it occurred to me that it really doesn’t really matter what I call the post, the fact that it’s a collection of photos of the gorgeous Australian model is enough to have any red-blooded man in here and checking it out!

I could have called it “Miranda Kerr peels carrots” and you would still be here, right? lol

I think most guys are the same when it comes to gorgeous girls in modeling or in the movies, we enjoy plenty of them, but we all have that secret (and sometimes long) list in our brains where we have all the girls we would actually really want to sleep with if we had the chance to. I think Miranda Kerr is probably on a lot of those secret lists 😉

Most probably know her from being a Victoria’s Secret model, and I can totally get that. Of all the photos you’d want to see of this gorgeous babe the ones where she’s wearing as little as possible are going to be the most popular – hence this collection! You’re very welcome 😉

Miranda Kerr (1)

Miranda Kerr (2)

Miranda Kerr (3)

Miranda Kerr (4)

Miranda Kerr (5)

Miranda Kerr (6)

Miranda Kerr (7)

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