Feb 252013

Her real name I know it but I cant tell, she asked me not to let anyone know. How do I know this chick that’s username is: hotparadise4you? We used to work together. We didn’t have that much contact when working at the same location, until one day she came into my back office crying, she didn’t want to let me know what was wrong but all that she needed was a place to chill for a few minutes. After some back and forward she emptied the sack and told me that she’s been cheating on her boyfriend and that he kicked her out. I said that she could stay at my place until she figured something out and she did, she came over that same evening and we fucked right away, I mean a few minutes after that she walked in I suck my dick in all her holes, what a fucking whore, it was awesome and we fucked for two weeks every day, well I hooked her up with the cam company and thats what she’s been doing as a second job. I know now that shes dating someone else and I’m happy for her, but wow! What great fucks I had with this fucking bitch!


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