Mar 212013

Now, I know that these pics are a little blurry, but that’s because I had to make them a little bigger. But I had to share them with you guys on the blog and get some interest going for Savanna Rae at the Cam With Her site, so I figured you wouldn’t mind the slight blurryness. I was checking out her profile and free gallery on the site this morning and I just had to get some of those pics on here for you to enjoy too.

There are a lot more though, and she does have a fan club on the site with pics and videos for the guys to check out too. If you’ve never seen any of those fan clubs before then I would definitely recommend you take a look.

So what can I say about this gorgeous big-titted babe that you can’t tell from the pics? Well, she’s 22 years of age, bisexual (yeah, imagine that for a few minutes lol) and she knows how to put on an amazing teasing show for all her fans out there.

You’ll probably need to read through her profile on the site, but I should warn you that when you do you’ll be signing up to see her on cam and get to know Savanna Rae a little better. Trust me, you will want to! lol

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  1. I’ve had a few sessions with this fine ass lady. She’s got the tits of a goddess!

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