Apr 092013

No matter how many times I type that work Lingerie it never looks right to me, but I think that’s just my own personal brand of dyslexia or something lol

Anyway, whether it looks right to me or not is neither here nor there, what does look right to me are all these gorgeous babes in this post showing off their bods in some really sexy shots. And I have to say that in a world where hardcore porn is so common on the net, it’s nice to see some classy images that we would all probably still be able to jerk off to lol

I found out something about a friend of mine this week… he loves to wank over pics like these. He has a lingerie fetish I guess, but I can understand that. For guys my age and older we started off tugging our boners over those sexy catalogue images of babes in their underwear, and some of us even had the occasional erotic underwear magazines too. That was all before we met up with good buddies and stole the girlie mags from their dads closets and feverishly jerked off in the woods or something, right?

Did we all have the same childhood? Quite possibly when it comes to discovering the female body lol

Sexy Lingerie Pics (1)

Sexy Lingerie Pics (2)

Sexy Lingerie Pics (3). Sexy Lingerie Pics (4)

Sexy Lingerie Pics (5)

Sexy Lingerie Pics (6)

Sexy Lingerie Pics (7)

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