Apr 172013

There are a lot of gorgeous girls on the Cam With Her site (seriously, if you haven’t checked it out yet then you really have to!) but there are also some real stunner’s too! I’m not actually sure how long Femme Eden has been on the site showing off on her cam for the guys, but I’m guessing she must be quite new there because I’m sure I would have seen her already.

I guess it doesn’t matter how long she’s been there, but I’m definitely glad I’ve now seen her. And I think you’ll all be very appreciative of that too when you’ve seen some of these photos from her free profile gallery on the site.

She has a lot of info there, explaining some more about herself. She describes herself a feisty, intellectual and into some spanking too. With an ass like that I’m willing to bet there are plenty of guys ready to take a hand to that impressive butt of hers! 😉

The 28 year old also mentions that she’s bisexual. I know a lot of cam girls say that, but with Femme Eden it really grabs the attention. Can you imagine seeing her on cm with a friend? I think my balls might explode if I see that – depending who the other girl is of course lol

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