Apr 272013

I couldn’t fucking remember her name, thats because I’ve fucked so many chicks in these past five years that I’ve totally lost count. I love this life and this amazing period where I’m actually turning down pussy, no kidding, some chicks even ask me to fuck them now. One that is pushing it on me is Roberta a 22 year old chick (a guido) from Jersey, she is slim tall and very pretty, she wants cock from me but we never have the time and when we do we never have a good location to fuck. See she has a boyfriend and really doesn’t want to leave him for me, but at the same time really wants to get fucked by my cock. So the day came and we did it so fucking hard that her pussy should still be red raw, I’m thinking that because my cock still hurts, that how hard I fucked her pussy and ass! Hey is there anyone in for some authentic tranny sex pics? Be my guest!


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