May 262013

Can she really take any more cock than she is right now? No fucking way. This bitch is at 3 to 4 different fucks a day, she has fucked half the dudes on campus and you can’t imagine how many other off college grounds she has blown and fucked hard. However never once was she […]

May 182013

Mature webcams, thats where this 21 year old goth chicks mother and aunt work, that would be the largest over 40 webcam site on the internet, with the biggest selection of milf and mature that could be found in all 50 states. Thats where they must have got it, from the mom. I’m using “they” […]

May 062013

I found out the evening that I fucked her. It was the same evening that we met at the bar I always go to downtown in Orlando Florida, she said that she was there for work, but I really knew that she was there trying to find work, nothing wrong with that I just don’t […]