Aug 052013

Are you married? Looking for an affair but you can’t find someone to have sex with on the side, scared of being unfaithful? Don’t be, because soon there will be a service that will help you in doing all this and lowering the risks and your affair, your cheating, your so called “sex dating on the side” will be possible.

I really don’t want to say more than I already am, because then I’ll be giving out information that the creators of the network wouldn’t want you to know right now. You can trust me though as I ave heard this by first had that it will be the leading cheating dating network on the web, with thousands if not “hundreds of thousands” of men and women per state that want to have a relationship with someone other than their spouse. So this is what I’ll do: I’ll be posting here when the whole thing is about to take off, a day or two, hows that cheaters!???

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