Sep 272013

I’m really not someone that will go online looking for pussy. However I do have fun from time to time checking out chicks on webcam over at If my wife finds out though I’m worthless dead meat, she’ll cut my balls off and feed them to the dogs, I’m telling you.

Things with me and her aren’t going that well, it’s like shes doing me a favor to have sex and not to mention id I ask her to put on some stockings and heels, damn! It’s like I’m asking for fucking charity. This is what I was telling a co-worker of mine the other day on lunch break. She told me that she’s cheating on her husband simply buy using a very safe service called It’s sex dating, where you find someone that lives close to you that wants to get laid and you meet some place and have sex, then its up to you if you want to meet again or simply move on to other people in your same area that also want to fuck.

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